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12 Things To Uplift Your Mood On A Bad Day

In this post, I will be sharing some quick tips to uplift your mood and get into your work mode where you can actually make something out of your day.

The intention from always is to help you become more efficient in your everyday lives. But we are humans and it is not possible to be at the peak of our productivity game every single day. In spite of whatever we can do, there are days when we just want to slump (meaning – sit, lean, or fall heavily) against the cushions.

I am not going to bore you with the scientific or medical reason behind every point, so let’s get straight to the point.

#1. Have a refreshing sip

I totally agree that not everyone is a huge fan of either tea or coffee. So, make yourself a cup/glass of the drink of your preference, leave your phone in another corner, and enjoy your drink in peace.

#2. Tune into an uplifting playlist

Is there anything that music can’t heal? Well, this is obviously not true. But when it comes to your mood, listening to an amazing playlist, your all-time favourite songs can have an astounding (meaning – surprisingly impressive or notable) effect on your mood. Give it a try.

#3. Clean up your space

Author of The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron, PhD., said that “Clutter is a reminder of things that should be getting done, but aren’t.” Having a lot of stuff around you can create an image in your mind that a lot of work needs to be done or is pending.

When you feel stressed or lazy, try decluttering for once. That doesn’t mean you need to clean the entire room. No, not at all. You can start with folding the blanket that is lying on your bed from the last night or you can just put your laptop charger in its right place and you will be amazed by the impact it can have on your mood.

#4. Get a good laugh

Either forcefully or willingly, laughing can really be therapeutic. Just start laughing. Don’t think too much, just do it. And after just 10-15 seconds, you will be laughing willingly. And if you are not the weird kind (yeah, I can totally relate to it), try watching some hilarious videos on the internet, be it some kind of stand up comedy or funny cat dog videos, our aim is to just laugh and nothing else.

#5. Avoid social media

Social media has become a vital part of our everyday lives and I totally get it. But try to minimise its usage. Watching your friends chilling in Goa is not going to make you feel better when you are already feeling low. So, invest that time in other things you love, which takes me to my next point.

#6. Invest your time in doing things you actually love

I have recently figured out that drawing or colouring has a very calming effect on me. Why? Because I love doing it. I enjoy colouring. I am not the best at it and you know what, that is not necessary at all. Do it for yourself, not for others.

There must be something you used to enjoy in your childhood. Give it a try once again. Why have we stopped doing most of the things we used to do in our childhood? If you like painting, take a brush and just paint. Don’t waste the entire day thinking of what to paint. Just do it. And then let me know how you felt.

#7. Approach your loved ones

Be it your friends or your family, call them, video call them, or hug them if you can. Talking to our loved ones can help in making us feel loved, and eventually brighten up our mood.

#8. Take a bath

Cleaning your own self can help in clearing your mind. If you are stuck at something or not getting creative ideas anymore, try taking a relaxing shower. It will eventually open up your brain and ideas will start flowing to your mind. This is the reason why everyone says that the brightest ideas generally come in bathrooms. Isn’t it?

#9. Spend some time with nature

By nature, I mean any open place where you can get some fresh air to breathe in. Take a walk outside, talk to strangers, play with kids (if you like them), and just sit and observe others. I love doing that. It is my favourite pass time at stations and airports.

#10. Have a great sleep

Having a good night sleep is very important as it recharges our brain and prepares it for the next day. We humans need to sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. So, do not compromise on it as it can have a direct effect on your mood.

#11. Vomit it down on the paper

This can work for some of you and not for others. It has worked wonders for me till now. What you need to do is grab a pen and a paper and write down everything going on in your head. Don’t think before writing. Write down each and everything. And when your brain gets empty, analyse how are you feeling. I am sure you will feel better after doing this exercise. But you need to be honest with yourself. Write down everything coming up in your mind. Do not cheat.

#12. Cry it out

If you are feeling like crying your heart out, do it, don’t think too much. Cry it out, be it alone or in front of your friend or family. We humans think that crying is a sign of weakness, but it is not. It shows that you have emotions, and crying is just a medium of showing them.

That’s it for this week’s blog. Try out these tips and let me know if you could cure your productivity slump.

Also, if you like my work, do share it with others as well. This will motivate me to write more often.

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