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An Open Letter to Amrita

Dear Amrita,

You were this devoted housewife whose only priority was her family’s happiness. You went to every extent and pushed yourself everyday to achieve a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

In this process, you had lost your significance, you were so busy in doing things for others that you forgot that you never liked blue. You were so lost that you had to ask your father if he remembered what your favourite colour was (a tear rolled down my cheek when you said "mera favorite color toh yellow tha na papa").

When you got up every morning and stole a little moment for yourself while making tea and flowering plants, it seemed that you were happy, seemed like there were moments when you lived for yourself but were they enough?

Is it really okay for one to lose themselves in love? While you were busy making it a home, Vikram was on a completely different tangent, and no I am not saying he killed your dreams because it was you who chose to become a housewife. But he did kill you Amu, he killed your self esteem with just one slap, it was that easy for him to shatter your existence within and then not even realising what he did, that one slap made you so numb that you couldn’t breathe in a house that was breathing because of the air you gave it.

I am proud of you for walking away and making it clear that it is not okay. When it finally hit you that there isn't much left in your marriage, you didn't force it, rather stood by what you believed in. When you realised that all the love showered on you was not for you but for Vikram’s wife, it broke my heart.

It was painful to watch what you went through because you did not deserve it. But there are thousands of Amritas out there, whose existence is going under the radar cause of the Vikrams they chose.

The way you fought the case showed how beautiful of a woman you were. Your values were deeply rooted in you and I am happy that you didn’t uproot them. I wish more people could be like you because then this world will be a better place to live in.

When Vikram realised his mistake, it was late. But it was still a victory because he finally apologised. His male ego finally dissolved. Because even though it was just a slap, vo nahi maar sakta!

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