I am back!

Around 2 years ago, I made the plunge to put myself out there and started a blog.

For the longest time, I knew I wanted to start writing online but actually couldn't do it out of my own fears. And there were many of them. Fear of being judged top it all.

When I finally started writing online, I found myself closer to myself. I didn't start with the intention to put myself out there as an expert on any subject matter. My intention was very clear. I wanted to document my life and my thoughts on a platform that I can refer to in the future and analyze my growth.

And today, I can see it happening.

There is a saying which goes like 'whatever gets measured, gets improved,' and I believe in it.

I've shared all types of posts here, related to productivity, finance, minimalism, and intentional living. And I have much more to share related to these topics and some new ones too.

But, I was missing here for a long time. I can come up with my reasons, but those all will just be excuses.

So here I am, starting this journey of documenting my life once again.

The intention behind writing this post is the same - to remind me to write more.

Life update - I got introduced to Spirituality this year and I can't wait to share it here.

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