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Me Time: What Does It Mean and Everything Else About It

When I sat down to start writing this article and started my research around the keyword 'Me Time', I was not able to find too much work already done around it. Either people don't want to talk about it or they don't find it important enough to make it a topic of dining table conversations. And that motivated me to write this article even sooner. Because there is a need for it out there.

So, in this article we will be talking all about 'Me Time', what does it actually mean, its importance, ways to take some time for yourself and some other stuff related to it. It is my request to you to read it till the end because this article is filled with things I wish I had known long ago, things that can change the way you look at your days and it can prove to be really effective.

What is 'Me Time'?

Truly speaking, there is not a clear definition of it. It does not have a clear meaning. I asked some of my friends about it and this is what they came up with -

  • It is an activity to rejuvenate and de-stress.

  • Just some time to relax.

  • Time spend with my family.

  • Time spent doing things that light me up.

Some people even say - anything that brings you joy is your me-time. If this would have been a topic of debate, I would have stood against it. Writing this article is giving me joy, but this is not my me-time. Me time is a feeling which you get when you spend time with yourself, away from every other thing. You get to know yourself better as a person.

We need to understand that being busy is not a badge of honor. In this fast-paced world, we tend to ignore to analyze our own actions because we are busy. When you will be spending more time with yourself, you will start to understand your actions better.

What is the importance of 'Me Time'?

'Me Time' is essential to being an efficient, productive, and passionate professional. And a happy individual on top of all that. When you are happy from inside, only then will you be able to spread happiness outside.

We need to stop treating it as an add-on to our lives or another to-do list item and start treating it as an important step for us to reach our full potential both personally and professionally.

Ways to find time for your 'Me Time'

There is an element in us humans and specifically women, known as 'guilt'. The moment we start thinking about ourselves, this element starts to overpower our brains. And that is when a lot of desires and aspirations die.

Finding time for yourself can get difficult, I know. But it is not impossible. It is just a matter of managing time in a better way. If you know how to plan and schedule your day well, taking away half an hour from the entire day is not that big a deal. And if you are still not convinced, these ways can help you find some for yourself.

  • Realize the power of saying 'no' - Stop saying yes to everything. Cutting out unnecessary stuff from your life can save you time and energy. Saying no is the most effective way of saving time. You can start with every other weekend get-together party.

  • Block your calendar in advance - Plan your time first, block it on the calendar, and then plan your day accordingly. What we do is just the opposite of it. Save an hour for yourself first, and then consider that your day has just 23 hours, this is the time in which you have to do everything else.

  • Your commute can become your me-time - If commuting is something unavoidable for you, you can figure out how you can utilize the time spend there.

  • Get into the do not disturb mode - Tell your family or the people you live with, in advance that you are not supposed to be disturbed in this time frame. Studies have proved that if a person knows about your do not disturb time, they tend to "disturb" you fewer times.

  • Indulge this into your routine - Our brains function on auto mode for the activities that have now become a routine like we know that after taking a shower, we have to have breakfast. We need not think a lot about what needs to be done after taking the shower. Just like this, indulge your me-time into your routine. Doing this has another benefit as well. Your family will also get used to this and you need not explain them every other day.

  • Reduce your sleep time by half an hour - If nothing worked for you, then you can try this. Reduce your sleeping hours by 30 minutes and use them as the time spent with yourself. But, I would not suggest you do this. Keep it as your last option.

  • Be a minimalist - Now, this has really worked well for me. Being a minimalist, I do not spend time deciding what to wear while stepping out and spend my half an hour in this, or I do not spend another 15 minutes looking for a receipt that came in my inbox 2 months back. Minimalism teaches you how to organize your life in a better way and make time for the things important to you. 'Me Time' is one of those activities I can never compromise on. And minimalism helps me achieving it.

Ways to spend your Me Time (Me Time Ideas)

Now that you have made time for yourself, but not sure how to spend it. As a beginner, it is common to not have an idea. There is not a rule for you to spend it in a certain way. But once you start with anything, you will get to know whether you are enjoying it or not. And that's how you can decide for yourself. Still, I am mentioning a few activities that can be done to start your journey.

  • Read

  • Take a walk

  • Take yourself out on a date

  • Paint

  • Journal

  • Watch your favorite TV show

  • Gardening

  • Declutter

  • Exercise

  • Take a long shower

  • Go to a movie...alone

  • Have a cup of tea in peace



Now you are aware of what is all this obsession with 'Me Time'. People who give importance to spending time with their own selves, know themselves much better, they understand their actions and reactions in a better way. If you get even 10 minutes, start using it for your own self. It can reward you in multiple ways in the future.

If you want to read amazing articles on personal growth, lifestyle, and productivity, check out this website. They have some really interesting and engaging articles on these topics. It is one of my personal favorite websites.

I hope you might have got to know something or the other from this article. Share this with someone who needs to read it. Because in the end, sharing is caring.

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