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You Should get a Kindle

If I have to tell you what is one of the most valuable purchases of mine, without a single doubt I would say, it is my Kindle. I have recently purchased an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and I am already in love with this device so much that I can't stop myself recommending it enough.

Also, this post contains some amazon affiliate links. So, if you end up buying your Kindle using one of them, I might get money to buy a free cup of coffee.

So, in this post, I am telling you why you should also have a Kindle only if love reading as I do 🙂.

#1. Its Highlights feature is just amazing!!

If you love to read non-fiction (and fiction as well) mostly, then this feature of a Kindle can come in really handy for you. Kindle allows you to highlight text in your eBooks and stores them for you to refer to in the future. You can then browse through your highlights on any device and get access to all of them on a single screen.

Also, you can access the most highlighted parts of a book, the parts most of the readers found interesting and useful enough. How cool is that!

#2. It massively reduces the friction for reading

There is no doubt in saying that the experience of reading is much better from a hard copy than an eBook. But carrying all your books with you everywhere is physically impossible. Kindle solves this problem. Now you can have your entire library with you the whole time. You just have to grab this 200 gm device in your backpack and you are good to go.

Also, it is undoubtedly true that reading a book (whatever interest you, need not be classics!) is always a better option than scrolling through social media - better for eyes, better for the mind. Having your Kindle accessible to you reduces this friction for reading. Now you can easily ditch your mobile phone and enjoy reading your favorite book anywhere anytime.

#3. It massively reduces the friction from getting a book

It has happened to me so many times that I got to know about a certain book and wanted to read it and thought of getting the hard copy the next time I go shopping. And it seldom happens. I will sometimes forget about it or the book will not be available in the store. And I return empty-handed.

Kindle solves this problem as well. Isn't it cool?

These days I just have to pick up my phone (which is always easily accessible, sadly) and get the eBook from the Amazon eBook store. It hardly takes more than 5 minutes, and you have the book added to your library and ready to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want.

#4. Link your Goodreads account

Another amazing feature of a Kindle is that you can link your Goodreads account to it.

Goodreads is like Facebook for bookworms. You can follow people and get updates on what they are reading, get book recommendations, and can get to read reviews from your own friends. Basically, it is amazing.

#5. Its inbuilt Dictionary feature is amazing

How many times you have put down a book just because of the intimidating words used in it? Well, it happens with me every now and then. And it is close to impossible to sit down to read with a dictionary by your side every time. Kindle's built-in dictionary feature solves this issue for you and makes your reading experience even smoother.

Just select the word and its meaning will get displayed on the screen. Not only this, it then saves the word in a list called 'Vocabulary Builder' where you can see all the previous words you have searched the meaning of.

Surely, a Kindle does not give you the same experience of reading a hardcover book, but the benefits are far more than just romanticizing the experience of reading a physical book. If you are also struggling with getting into the habit of reading, I can bet there is no better way than getting a Kindle.

So yeah, my Kindle is one of the most valuable purchases I have made in my life.

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